Meridian TV cover the opening of Conscience and Conflict at Pallant House

GuernicaSo the banner has arrived at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, where it is hanging in homage to the enduring power and relevance of Picasso’s great work, Guernica, which he created in outrage at the testing of aerial weaponry in bombardments upon civilians during the Spanish Civil War. This powerful and moving exhibition brings together for the first time works made by British artists as premonitions, warnings and campaign materials to send aid to Spanish republicans and alert the British people to the the creep of militaristic fascism.

In this Meridian TV clip, Asana Greenstreet gives a flavour of the exhibition and its importance as a reminder of the horror of war during Remembrance Week. The clip also contains an interview with Erminio Martinez, one of the four thousand children evacuated from Spain to Southampton, where they were welcomed by Britain as refugees from war, never to see their families again.

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