Thoughts on Remaking Picasso’s Guernica from the comments book at the exhibition at Pallant House. 2 February – 15 February 2015

In the last two weeks of the exhibition of the banner at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, we left a comments book inviting people to share their thoughts with us. Here is a selection; we have used initials to maintain peoples privacy:

“I am a Spanish citizen, whose family, like that of many others, got broken (hearted) by the Spanish Civil War. Seeing the Guernica painting remade here, so far from my country move me to tears. Thanks to all those British, Americans etc who came to Spain to fight for the lawful cause of the Spanish Republic. No pasaran!” KM

“It’s a beautiful remake and Picasso would be proud of it I certainly am!”

“My father Sam Wild went from Manchester to fight in the Spanish Civil War. He would love this tapestry.” DW

“Yet another wonderful surprise at Pallant House. Love the reworking of Guernica.” A L

“Excellent idea and brings a new perspective to Picasso’s original. Really like the whole tapestry. “

“A brilliant idea. Good to sit and study it and remember the original.”

“Wonderful stitchery – and a reminder for us all in the current unsettled world.”

“Very fine and beautifully interpreted. A wonderful collective project – a surprise and delight.” SB

“Keeping history alive for future generations. No pasaran!”

“Important and inspiring. Credit to Roland Penrose for first bringing it here!”

“Guernica remade caused me to re-examine and rethink. Thank you.” R

“A wonderful protest piece and so sad that we are still fighting for the same things all these years later. Thank you for a wonderful exhibition.” ES

“An excellent idea and an inspiration! There is something very poignant about this re-imagining /re-creating Picasso’s Guernica – and to include the Palestinian Keffiyeh (scarf) brings home to me that our struggles against oppression, racism and war continue in 2015.” DS

“Very inventive and powerful work – one wonders about all the conversations that took place while making it. Picasso’s painted Guernica made a few days after the bombing of that town when his passions rage, war at the forefront. This piece took place over weeks, by many people. It’s a different process and thus a very different image. It’s so interesting, thank you! MR

“I am proud to have played a small part in this powerful piece of living art.” SH

“I like the subtle additions / changes small signs of hope like the clouds and the olive branch and the inclusion of other people suffering in the world today i.e. the Palestinians.” JK

“Thought provoking and well researched, balanced and interesting throughout, please bring this exhibit to London where a lot of Basque expats live – thank you.” PB

“Treats! and cheers for bringing the “remaking” of Picasso’s banner” to IBMT Manchester and how serious and important to increase public awareness of the increasing use of drones. Uplifting for the heart and mind and great to make the connection with your combined work congratulations. Very best wishes for further projects.” LT

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