Travels to Canada, September 2015

Edmonton in Canada was the final destination of this research trip into collective remakings of Picasso’s Guernica. I visited the play write Erika Luckert’s family home to look through the materials she had kept from the production of the play she had written based on her characterisation of the people depicted in Picasso’s Guernica. I interviewed the plays Stage Manager of the Guernica Canadian tour, Gillian Bird and the Designer of the play, Kevin Boyer. I also met with Anne Fanning to see the small scale Keiskamma Guernica that hangs in the University of Alberta in Edmonton created by the Keiskamma Art Project, I visited in July 2015 in Hamburg, South Africa.

I took the Guernica banner with me when I travelled to share our experience of collectively remaking Picasso’s Guernica. This really helped connect us as makers, enabling a sharing of motivations, practices and interpretations.

The interviews carried out on this trip are going to be released online over a year between April 2016 and April 2017 through the research projects website: An exhibition of the four remakings in this research will be on display in March / April 2017 in Brighton, UK, timed to mark the 80th year from the bombing of the town of Gernika.

Nicola Ashmore

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